The Benjamin Franklin Clock

While in England on a diplomatic mission from America, Benjamin Franklin described in detail to the great English Horologist, James Ferguson, his curious idea for a most original clock. The clock was to have only three wheels, two weights and a pendulum.

James Ferguson was a man of great ability – a skilled astronomer, mathematician, portrait painter, inventor and horologist. Fortunately for us he wrote a book in which he recorded a detailed description of Benjamin  Franklin's clock.

As far as is known this clock was never made during Benjamin Franklin's lifetime.

Thwaites & Reed have taken Mr. Franklin's design and produced a clock that incorporates nor only all his original ideas but also the original methods of clock manufacture of the time to recreate this piece.

The weight and pendulum bob have been rough cast in Thaites & Reed's original 18th Century Casting Room.

No attempt has been made to machine finish the weights, which are left in their rough cast state. Similarly, the brass is lacquered by hand, using a small brush and applying the strokes in straight lines, leaving a slightly uneven finish. The entire character and appearance of the clock is exactly as it would have been in the 18th Century had Benjamin Franklin made one.

It is to the satin silvered face we must turn to see the truly unique feature of this clock. Mr. Franklin's design for this clock has a four hour dial as opposed to to the conventional twelve. Five o'clock and nine o'clock are ostensibly the same. This unusual feature may be puzzling at first glance and certainly will intrigue your friends when they look at it in your home. But from this face and simple mechanism you will be able to read the time to the second.

The Benjamin Franklin Clock is a noble and distinguished time-piece that will be passed on for generations to enjoy its rich leisured tick – a sound strait from the 18th Century. Yes, Mr. Franklin would be justly proud of his most unusual clock!

Each of the 1000 clocks has been inspected and regulated by Thwaites & Reed   and it requires only minor adjustment to the pendulum weight. As has been the customary practice at Thwaites & Reed fo centuries each clock is fully guaranteed and a signed certificate of authenticity has been supplied.

Twhaites & Reed have been Clockmakers to England's Royalty since 1740.

This strictly limited edition of 1000 of Mr. Franklin's clock has been re-created by the craftsmen of the world's oldest firm of clockmakers. The Benjamin Franklin Clock is another example of the craft of the horologist by the firm of clockmakers without peer. The very history of the company and its ancient address attest to this fact. Each clock is lovingly hand built by craftsmen who have inherited more than two centuries of clockmaking skills. From the blacksmith casting his counterweights, the cabinetmaker working his grandfather's chisel to the engraver, melting his dial wax over a spirit lamp – the very sounds and smells of history. These are the traditions and credentials behind the firm that has built the Benjamin Franklin Clock.

Clock specifications:
Width across large dial: 134 mm (5¼  inches) Height including wooden wall bracket: 395 mm (15½ inches)
Length of pendulum: 1070 mm (42 inches)